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We offer a wide selection of options from our shower curtain line, including nylon, vinyl and polyester. Each of our fabric shower curtains is also water-repellent, which means that you can either hang them up alone or combine them with a liner. We maintain a stock of standard-sized      72-inch by 72 inch  curtains as well as many common sizes at the warehouse in Illinois, and we're always happy to work with you to meet your particular needs.

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Our vinyl products are mildew resistant and have metal grommets and no side or bottom hems to trap soapy water and cause mildew. We offer 5, 6, 8, and 10 gauge vinyl curtains in a variety of sizes. Bed & Bath Solutions presented by ReggCo, LLC also sells shower curtain hooks that are available in several metal and plastic designs for your convenience. Our non-rusting metal hooks come in either open or closed designs and have roller balls for easy and fluid curtain movement.

Try Our Convenient PreHookedTM Curtains

PreHookedTM shower curtains have uniquely designed hooks integrated into the top hem of the curtain itself. These curtains are made out of nylon or polyester and have a smooth finish, so they're easy to clean, completely washable, and help prevent mildew buildup. They are extremely simple to hang, and go up very quickly with no additional hooks needed. They have been specially designed to slide easily  on the curtain rod so they close completely and curve back toward the inside of the bathtub or shower in order to keep water contained and off the floor. This helps reduce the use of extra towels and the amount of cleanup time spent soaking up spilled water. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with timely deliveries and exceptional service. We understand the rigors of comercial use and our stylish products are made to meet those needs and are built to last.

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